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    Following a trip to Scotland I discovered the existence of the puffer. I was immediately amused and intrigued by this type of Clyde boat. For me it was a caricature of a boat. How could a captain maneuver through the meanders of the rivers with the funnel right in front of him?
     These small coasters transported coal to supply the castles and especially the whiskey distilleries which were large consumers of coal. Also when they were doing cabotage, they often ran aground on the beaches to unload their cargo. This explains their flat bottom. On the way back, they carried casks of whiskey. It is this configuration that I wanted to represent.

The hull seen in profile.

The very spacious interior of the hull allows a steam engine.

The lubricator and the small size of the propeller shaft.

The engine seen from above.

Installation of the propulsion assembly..

Doors fitted with their handles and buoy supports.

The water tank drinkable.

I made some improvements to the level from the rudder stern.

The mounted bar, profile view.

The mounted compass waiting for painting and varnish.

The wheelhouse presented on the technical room awaiting painting and varnishing.

The descent to housing

Toilets. 3/4 face and profile views.

Installation of mooring pipe.

Laying of riveted bulwark/deck connections.

Put tops gallans rail on the bow.

Near the port side of the technical room, the skipper imagines himself sailing on the Clyde.

Presentation of the painted wheelhouse and the technical room on the deck. The boss seems satisfied with my work.

One of the hatch covers (coal version).

The wheelhouse is painted and the technical room is primed.

Progress of work, First painting of the fireplace and presentation of part of the barrels.

Painting of the hull and windlass.

The painted hull seen from the starboard aft.

The painted hull seen from the starboard aft.

The rudder,with its sternpost.

The boss checks the scale of the bar.

Passage of a matt varnish and identification of the whiskey barrels.

Rudder control by sector.

The boss with the coal bucket.

Aft facade of the wheelhouse.

Starboard side of the wheelhouse and technical room.

Presentation of the windlass on the deck.

Windlass seen from the forward port side.

Support for the rudder control chain drive

The boss with his personal cargo.

State of construction to 03/08/2021. It remains to do the rigging, the deck uppeworks and defenses.



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