Tuiga was built in Fairlie, Scotland at the Fife family yard. It was launched in the spring of 1909. Commissioned by Duke Medinacelli, its construction was completed in six months for the pleasure of King Alfonso XIII and for the launch at Pasejes, near Santander, of its sister ship, the 15 M JI royal Hispania at the Astilleros Karrpard shipyard. Very quickly, Tuiga took part in numerous regattas in Spain, France, England, Scotland and Ireland.
       In July 1909 in Santander, for one of his first regattas, Tuiga beat Slec (a Fife design originally named Shimna) by seven minutes. For the week of San Sebastian of the same year, Hispania is ready. On the first day, the royal yacht sets out alone on the starting line and wins the regatta. The next day, Hispania retired due to damage and left the victory to Tuiga. On the third day, Hispania took the lead, Tuiga retired. The last two days, Hispania crossed the finish line first. Up in the Solent for the week of Cowes, Hispania and Tuiga are dominated by Ostara, an Alfred Mylne design from 1909. Tuiga took only eight victories.
        That season, the victories of Ostara and Tuiga demonstrated the superiority of Scottish architects.

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The framework is finished.

Laying the hull strakes.

The master in primer. He has not yet received
his transom stern.

The master in primer and sanded.

Dredge with godets fonctionells Henri Bouteville. Plan MRB

The mold.

The interior of the mold. 

View of the first hull out of the mold.

The following 2 hulls

The 3 hulls and the mold.

One of the hulls front view.

The same view         from the stern.

The interior of a shell and the mold.

Placement of the lead for the ballast.

Ballast of one of the Tuiga.

General view on the decks of the 3 models.

Close-up on the cockpit (baignoire).

Detail of one of the taffrail.

Detail of the part fixed to the center of the bridge to receive the end pieces of bridge slats (fougère).


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