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1. Mariska on her cradle allows you to appreciate a hull studied for the regatta.

2. View of the racks and anchors of the turnbuckles which will allow the tension adjustment of the shrouds.

3.The windlass.

4. The front cover.

5. The roof.

6. Cockpit coamingt.

7. View of the bow and the bowsprit maintained by its under-beard made of 2 mm brass tube. The tension of the under-beard is ensured by a turnbuckle. The famous dragon signs all of W. Fife's boats, including Mariska of course..

Marigold is a cruiser-racing yacht built in 1892. It is one of the oldest boats of this time still in sailing condition, it is a narrow and heavy weighted corridor. Marigold was the work of one of the greatest naval architects of the time, the famous Charles, Ernest Nicholson.Marigold won numerous regattas until the First World War, then he experienced periods of abandonment, alternating less and less effective restorations.


1. This profile view of Marigold's black hull. with its right bow is typical of sailboats from the Victorian era

2. The other characteristic of sailboats of this era is the narrow bau master which has earned them the qualification of weighted corridors.

3. View of the yards, the lower mast and topmast link and the cap.

4. The compass

5. Non-functional hoist

6. The Gooseneck. Notice the keg Always present in size

7. Notice the patina of the windlass

8. The bastaque with its violin pulley.

9. Gilles finishes the last adjustments before navigation.

10. Marigold has a “healthy” navigation.

Mariska is the second 15 m JI built in 1908 by William Fife.
Before the First World War, there were 19 of these racing yachts. Most have disappeared. Today, only four of these marvels of naval architecture have been restored by wealthy enthusiasts: Mariska (D1)
It is a 90 foot auric cutter, belonging to the family of “racers” of the beginning of the XX th century, this boat was cut for the race and won the regattas of Le Havre and the International Cowes Cup of 15 m JI in 1908.
It is of a rare reactivity and very swift in light weather.


Éva, plan no. 505 by architect William Fife III was built according to the rules of the Linear Rating Rule,
but launched the year of the creation of the International Yacht Racing Union (IYRU).
He adopted this new International Gauge. It is therefore very similar to 8 m JI in its characteristics.
It was in fact the third copy of the same plan from the architect who was so satisfied
with it that it was produced even before having a firm order from a first client!

1.Eva's profile recalls the 8 mJI line.

2. Hood of the sails compartment.

3. Close-up on the girder of the cockpit and two cleats.

4. The cockpit is removable to allow intervention inside the hull.

5.The cap with the stay tackle

6. Parrel ring

7. The stay tacle to adjust the inclination of the gaff.

8. Bowsprit fittings.

9. Eva in navigation.


Fulmar, At his birth in 1930, this admirable 8 M JI of William Fife junior is indeed only the sister-ship of Falcon.
Has the Scottish wizard decided to get into serial construction? Then baptized Oonah, Fulmar was immediately abandoned by the Englishman who had ordered him. No doubt it would have long crowded the hangars of the yard without the Seawanhaka Cup, dedicated to 8 M JI, which was to take place on the Clyde in 1931. With British honor at stake, all available yachts are armed to select the one that goes have to compete with the American challenger Pricilla III.

1880Association governed by the law of July 1st,1901, registered on April 6th, 1912 N 155 197
Approval of the Ministry of Youth and Sports N ° 11863 of May 26th, 1952

1. the typical Fulmar profile of 8 mJi somewhat reminds that of the J classes.

2. Close-up on the defense and the two bow fairleads.

3. The front cover with its porthole.

4.The Cockpit

5.The tiller

6. The starboard light.

7. The runnings blocks are made of mapleand brass.

8. Jib sheet guide pulley.

1. The gooseneck

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