11. The finished mold.


10. Gelcoat application
on the 2nd part of the master.

6. First layer of primer and first sanding.

8. Because of the shape of the hull, the mold had to be made in 2 parts, hence the construction of the " mannequin ". A layer of polyvinyl alcohol still has to be applied.

7. The master after 6 layers of mold wax. The " mannequin " (the wooden piece which marries the shape of the hull) can be placed.

5. The plating is nearly finished.

1. The plating progresses.

3. Laying the first baguettes of the plating.

2. Positioning of the frame on the building site.

1. Cutting of the frame according to a first plan..

      In the archives of the club, we have found a text saying that, in the past, one of the members, Mr Brix, a world famous naval architect, had created a monotype for the members of the club. Unfortunately, we haven't found any traces of this boat.  We have decided to repeat this idea, and create our own monotype.The photos hereafter will show the different steps of this project.
      To gain time , we have started from an existing boat, which we have largely modified to make it more attractive, and also to allow the largest number of model makers to build it. Of course we have chosen a classic sailing boat, like the ones that can be admired in our mediterranean harbours.The model makers who are tempted will have two possibilities :If they want  to build the boat, we can provide them with a detailed plan and a restrictive gauge.If they don't have much time, we can sell them a resin hull and the sail plans. We can also indicate what sort of material can be used for the sails, and help them with the bridge development, which can be modified. The dimensions of the hull and the rigging cannot be changed.For the ones who need it, we can give them the adress of a person who makes excellent fitting at a very competitive price.

9. Molding of the first part.

1880Association governed by the law of July 1st,1901, registered on April 6th, 1912 N 155 197
Approval of the Ministry of Youth and Sports N ° 11863 of May 26th, 1952

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